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Costruisci la tua Città Magica Set di 115 Costruzioni in Legno

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Sviluppa l'ingegno dei tuoi bambini già da una tenera età con questo gioco Costruisci la tua Città Magica Set di Costruzioni in Legno divertente e educativo. Con questo set, i bambini si divertiranno un sacco e allo stesso tempo svilupperanno quelle abilità che specifiche per andare bene a scuola. They also develop essential basic skills such as imaginative and creative thinking. This set is also a great way to cut on-screen time for young kids.

  • Enhances Creative Thinking
  • Team and Group Fun
  • Task Solving Skills and Independence
  • Perfect Gift for Young Kids

Educative And Learning

This Magic Set enhances and improves kids' creativity as they accurately arrange all pieces to develop their Magic city. They also develop their imaginative ability in the process.

With its fun and challenging completion process, this wooden Magic Set helps kids develop various essential life skills crucial for adulthood like eye-hand coordination and emotional control.

Helps kids in early education sync with their curriculum as they learn similar things through it in a fun way. With this Set standing as a pictorial representation of what they learn in school, kids tend to sync with school tasks and understand abstract concepts faster.

Alphabet & Numbers LearningDevelop your kid's dexterity from an early age with this educative and fun Magic City wooden block set. With this set, kids have tons of fun while improving their knowledge that aligns with their school curriculum. They also develop essential basic skills such as imaginative and creative thinking. This set is also a great way to cut on-screen time for young kids.
115 Wooden Numbers and Letter Pieces included to build your city!

Excellent for skill-buildingWith its creative and imaginative building process, this Magic City set helps kids develop a vast number of essential skills that go a long way in helping them build a balanced personality. Kids get to improve their eye-hand coordination, Independence and autonomy, social and cooperative skills, emotional control, and many more. This set is also a great way to build healthy competition between kids as they can share with siblings and friends.
Healthy FunWith this wooden city toy, kids won't have a hard time cutting out on excessive screen time, as they get just as much fun while building. Kids will have a lot of fun time watching their building take shape with its array of attractive colors. This set is the best way to increase healthy physical activity and improve your kid's dexterity from a tender age. From having to move around to set up the blocks, your kids will have to be physically active which is great for their stamina and health.
Quality Beechwood with smooth edges

Material: Beech Wood + cotton Fabric Mat.
Dimension: 37.5 in x 21.5 in x 7.5 in
Weight: 2.7 kg
What's in the Package: 115 wooden pieces. 1 pcs of colorful Mat.

CARE TIPS: Keep away from water.

No. the wood is of high quality and can last for years as long as they are appropriately kept when kids are not playing with them. You should also keep the set away from water.
No. Once they have an idea of how to arrange them to form a city, they are good to go. The wood has smooth edges, so there is no risk of injury while playing. The Pieces are also BPA-free.
Kids from two to six years can play with it.

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